Baby Coming Soon!

(Here's How You Can Help Make Our Adoption A Reality)

We are adopting a baby in 2017. I know, crazy, right? Our life-long heart and passion toward caring for orphans grew our Fab Five Family to include Josiah, Ainsleigh, and Seth. The Christian adoption agency that brought Ainsleigh and Seth into our lives recently alerted us that they are in a unique situation of having […]

Welcoming a New Staff Member

The Latest News at Life Church Michigan

Every Sunday guests at Life Church Michigan see Annie Roe in our Mainstage Video Welcome and ensuring all our Sunday ministry systems are running smoothly from behind the Merch Counter. Jordan and Annie Roe discovered Life Church in the Fall of 2015, were baptized as believers in January of 2016, dedicated their little girl to the […]

Everyone’s Life Looks Perfect on INSTAGRAM

Pull Your Head Out Of Your App

I grew up loving Richard Marx’s 1980s power ballads: Hold Onto the Night, Hazard, Right Here Waiting For You — those were great songs! Everytime an old Richard Marx tune pops up on Pandora, it takes me back to the Friday Night Skatepark Couples Skate: “And now it’s time for the Couples Skate. You must […]

A Brief History of Our Brief History (and How We Closed on our Land + Facility)

Converge's Cornerstone Fund Partnership Helps Life Church Michigan Reach More People Far From God

As a church planter, my heartbeat is the same as Christ’s: People far from God matter to God.  I am passionate about doing whatever it takes to reach people far from God throughout the Great Lakes Bay Region: No Reserves, No Retreats, No Regrets! …and thus I make it my ambition to preach the gospel, […]

SNL Writer Gives a TED Talk on How to Sound Smart in a TED Talk

I love TED, a conference that brings together experts on Technology, Entertainment, and Design.  Every 18 minute TED Talk educates and leaves the viewer inspired.  What makes TED Talks so compelling? Will Stephen, a writer on Saturday Night Live, put together a TEDx Talk about how to sound smart in a TED Talk. While Stephen repeats that […]

Prize Pack Giveaway: Win 1 of 3 FREE Crowder/Starbucks/Holy Shift Book Prize Packs

I’m really excited about my new book and believe it is going to help a lot of church leaders go further, faster.  In celebration of the release of my new book Holy Shift, we are giving away three FREE Holy Shift Prize Packs! What are we giving away? Three lucky readers will each win a Holy […]

How to Fear Less this Week

Everyone wrestles with fears.  Fears keep us up at night and consume our thoughts.  Uncertainty about the future can consume us.  But here’s the thing: most fears are learned.  In fact, infants are born with only two fears: fear of falling and fear of loud noises.  All other fears are learned. For God gave us a […]