Prize Pack Giveaway: Win 1 of 3 FREE Crowder/Starbucks/Holy Shift Book Prize Packs

Holy Shift Book Jonathan Herron

I’m really excited about my new book and believe it is going to help a lot of church leaders go further, faster.  In celebration of the release of my new book Holy Shift, we are giving away three FREE Holy Shift Prize Packs! What are we giving away? Three lucky readers will each win a Holy […]

How to Fear Less this Week


Everyone wrestles with fears.  Fears keep us up at night and consume our thoughts.  Uncertainty about the future can consume us.  But here’s the thing: most fears are learned.  In fact, infants are born with only two fears: fear of falling and fear of loud noises.  All other fears are learned. For God gave us a […]

Holy Shift – My New Book is Now Available

Comedy-Driven Leadership for Churches that want to Grow


Are you ready for a Holy Shift?  My brand new book is now available and it will help you make a HOLY SHIFT in your church. Get it right here!   I’ve been working on this for more than two years and am so excited to get it in your hands. It’s full of practical advice, […]

My New Book – Holy Shift – Releases This Tuesday


Comedy Clubs are thriving while church pews are sadly empty. Although young adults are more spiritually attuned than past generations, Millennials will rarely darken the door of the church. It doesn’t have to be that way.  Today’s church leaders need a Holy Shift. LEARN HOW TO LEVERAGE COMEDY SECRETS IN YOUR CHURCH LEADERSHIP Revealing the […]

Take the Risk: Five Years Ago Today I Wrote My Original Church Planting Proposal


Every entrepreneur will tell you that it takes years to become “an overnight success.”  Behind every thriving start-up is an original dream forged in sacrifices, tears, and empty bottles of Pepto-Bismol. Five years ago today, I put pen to paper and created the first initial proposal (I called it a ‘Strategic Plan’ to make it sound […]

Growing People Change

Sunday Reflex - 09.18.16

If your PAST is affecting your PRESENT, it’s not actually in your PAST. You don’t have to remain stuck; you can make a change!  At Life Church, we believe Growing People Change. Growing People Change was the message we hit home this past Sunday… and people really connected with it! Everyone can relate to David, a man […]

Goosebumps, Tears, Bob Goff, and Annie’s Story

Sunday Reflex - 09.11.16


Today was one of those special days at church that you treasure up and hold onto.  So many goosebumps, so many tears when our Band absolutely nailed this old school hymn: I love my church!  In God’s timing and providence, we have seen a huge influx of new volunteers, artists, and band members, all sold […]

If Your Church is Drifting and Stuck, Should You Try to Change From Within?

How frustrated support staff should navigate in a visionless church

What do you do if you’re a frustrated support staff member of a visionless church?  Do you try to change things from within?  I was asked this very question recently and here is how I answered: Hi Jonathan, I was at the Youth Workers Retreat that you spoke at last weekend, and I had a […]