Guest Post: Happy Birthday, Life Church Michigan

Today is the day that 4 years ago Life Church Michigan began weekly services! So much has happened since this picture was taken!!! I believe that God’s biggest concern is what changes and grows in us as individual people. I wanted to encourage my amazing husband and our pastor @followjon by mentioning how he’s led […]

One of the Biggest Crowds in Life Church Michigan History

Sunday we became one church in two locations

Sunday was unbelievable at the church I love.  We took a big huge scary step of faith and opened the doors at our new Midland Campus… Our three-year-old church start-up became one church in two locations!  We didn’t know if anyone would show up… but because our Lifers are committed to prayer, serving, and inviting […]

Baby Coming Soon!

(Here's How You Can Help Make Our Adoption A Reality)

We are adopting a baby in 2017. I know, crazy, right? Our life-long heart and passion toward caring for orphans grew our Fab Five Family to include Josiah, Ainsleigh, and Seth. The Christian adoption agency that brought Ainsleigh and Seth into our lives recently alerted us that they are in a unique situation of having […]

Welcoming a New Staff Member

The Latest News at Life Church Michigan

Every Sunday guests at Life Church Michigan see Annie Roe in our Mainstage Video Welcome and ensuring all our Sunday ministry systems are running smoothly from behind the Merch Counter. Jordan and Annie Roe discovered Life Church in the Fall of 2015, were baptized as believers in January of 2016, dedicated their little girl to the […]

Everyone’s Life Looks Perfect on INSTAGRAM

Pull Your Head Out Of Your App

I grew up loving Richard Marx’s 1980s power ballads: Hold Onto the Night, Hazard, Right Here Waiting For You — those were great songs! Everytime an old Richard Marx tune pops up on Pandora, it takes me back to the Friday Night Skatepark Couples Skate: “And now it’s time for the Couples Skate. You must […]

A Brief History of Our Brief History (and How We Closed on our Land + Facility)

Converge's Cornerstone Fund Partnership Helps Life Church Michigan Reach More People Far From God

As a church planter, my heartbeat is the same as Christ’s: People far from God matter to God.  I am passionate about doing whatever it takes to reach people far from God throughout the Great Lakes Bay Region: No Reserves, No Retreats, No Regrets! …and thus I make it my ambition to preach the gospel, […]