Sunday Reflex – 04.30.17

I am thankful all the progress and growth we experienced in April.  Because of our Lifers serving and giving and praying and inviting, April 2017 was our biggest month ever for our young church!

In April 2017, we averaged 560 people per wknd.
For perspective, in April 2016, we averaged 389 people per wknd.
We also saw 31 people begin following Christ in the month of April!!
God is moving!

If you served in April, thank you for sacrificing your time and doing God’s work in God’s House (John 4:34).

If you tithed in April, thank you for throwing your heart into advancing God’s Kingdom (Matthew 6:21).

I shared this in passing with a Lifer yesterday, but thought it might encourage you all too:

At the 10:15am yesterday, we had as many kids in our church during that single worship time as the total number of people we had in our WHOLE ENTIRE church in October of 2014!

Every Sunday I really am in awe that people show up to worship — my mind always goes back to what it was like when we were trying to get this new church off the ground and nobody showed up.

Thank you all for believing in God’s vision for our church and for consistently doing whatever it takes!

Let’s continue to press in and pray for the Lord to stretch our faith, bring boldness to our personal invites, and reach our region for Christ!

Jonathan is the founding pastor of Life Church Michigan.

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