We’re Adopting a Baby!

Here's How You Can Help Us Be Matched with a Birth Mother

I am passionate about adoption: there are 143 MILLION ORPHANS world-wide right now.  If every self-professing Christian household in North America adopted one orphan right now, there would be no more orphans on Planet Earth!

I cannot change everyone’s minds, but I can make up my own mind and do something: Team Herron is passionate about adoption.  It’s biblical and it’s practical!

Our lives have been touched by adoption not once, not twice, but three times over… and it’s awesome!

Our family picture is not complete.  We’re adopting again!  But we need your help.

We’re in the waiting phase of the adoption process: waiting for a birthmother to choose our family.

How do they make that important choice?  By coming across our official Adoption Profile.

Our Adoption Profile just went live — the more you and I can share it on social media, the more chances that our paths will cross, we will be linked, and a little one will find her Forever Family (I have no idea if we’ll be linked with a Baby Boy or Baby Girl, but I’m hoping to pass out Pink Bubblegum Cigars)!

So there you have it – please help Team Herron by sharing this Adoption Profile.

Who knows?  You may play a role in a bigger story God is writing.

Jonathan is the founding pastor of Life Church Michigan.

You can get his new book at HolyShiftBook.com.

He once bought pantyhose with Tina Fey (true story).