I Boldly Prayed for THIS and was Blown Away By A Bigger Surprise

The church I have the privilege of leading and loving is growing fast.  Exactly three years ago this week, we saw 64 people on a Sunday morning.  Jump ahead to this past Sunday and our crowd is up by 863%!  This is our “new normal” — God is moving incredibly and our team is just trying to keep up!

More people means our systems are becoming more complex.  All of our problems are growth problems, so we’re not complaining, just trying to figure out how to better serve our guests!

One solution we’ve discovered is transitioning into one church in multiple locations.  I’m proud that our Lifers are successful pioneers of the first church in the Great Lakes Bay Region to champion multisite.

By opening a second identical worship experience in Midland, it allows us to shift some of our Saginaw crowd and thereby creates more space for more people!

Since we rent space for our new Midland Campus at Northwood University in Midland, we have a hearty team of volunteers who arrive early to set up ministry environments every Sunday and stick around to tear down.  The grind is worth it as we are seeing people’s lives transformed by Jesus Christ!

I remember turning to Tim Nugent back in August and saying, “We need a big box truck to make moving and storing ministry equipment run smoother.”  I think Tim’s response was, “Better start praying!”

And so that’s been my secret prayer all through September: I’ve been boldly and audaciously asking God to give Life Church Michigan a big box truck. 

For free.

I don’t think God is offended by our big, bold, audacious prayers.

I think God is offended when we pray and dream too small. 

Our Father owns the cattle on a thousand hills — we can pray bigger prayers!

Anyhow, I received an answer to my prayer last week: somebody gave our church a big box truck… for free!  Check it out:

This 16 foot box truck is a tremendous gift that will help us advance the Kingdom for God’s glory.

...but here’s the kicker: James 5:16 says that a Christ follower’s prayers are powerful and effective.

I believe that as I got down on my face in prayer, the Father whispered to the angels through a sly grin, “Hey everybody!  Watch THIS!”


Because God didn’t just answer my crazy prayer for a big box truck.


My God is able to do exceedingly, abundantly above all we can ask for or imagine (Ephesians 3:20)!


My God gave our church two big box trucks!

Whatever you’re facing today, take it to God in prayer.

The Father loves to spend time with His children.

And like a good father, God gets a kick out of blowing us away by His love and goodness.

Need proof that God hears and answers our prayers?  They’re parked outside!