Photo Essay: Baptisms, Star Wars, and New Staff

I am a grace addict.  My heart beats faster and my spirit soars every time someone at Life Church discovers new life in Christ!  We really will do anything short of sin to reach more people far from God.

It was a privilege and honor being part of baptisms this past weekend.  Every story was inspiring.

Baptisms are an outward symbol of an inward change.  There is so much change happening at Life Church… life change!

This is what happens when a church family is committed to a white hot vision of reaching the lost at any cost.  There’s no time for gossip, ego, or insider politics; there are so many more people in need of hope and wholeness in the Great Lakes Bay Region!

You can hear every story from this past weekend’s baptisms here: 

We also had a BLAST with our Star Wars: The Last Jedi private premiere this week!  Our crazy outreach strategies are purposefully born from our church’s unique vision and create lasting memories.

It was fun meeting new friends and blessing the socks off children and guests from all across the Great Lakes Bay Region — Caro, Alma, Midland, Bay City, Vassar, and Saginaw!

(PS — The Last Jedi is EVEN BETTER on the second viewing!)

To top off an amazing week of ministry, we are moving forward on hiring our newest staff member!

We are thrilled to announce that Brian Massey will be joining our staff team at Life Church this January!

Brian, Marissa, and Edrick (plus a baby boy on the way this Feb!) are life-long Michiganders with a passion for God.

Brian holds two Bachelor’s Degrees from Western Michigan University in Instrumental & Vocal Music Eduction plus a Master’s in Music Education from Michigan State University.

Brian’s new role will include overseeing all Midland operations, leading a new band on Sundays as Midland Campus grows into two worship experiences on January 14th, developing a student worship band for 707, and championing our assimilation + discipleship process for all of Life Church (overseeing LifeGroups, classes, etc).

The Massey Clan will be at all Life Church worship experiences this Sunday and would love to meet you!

You can also connect with Brian online via Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

2 Kings 6:1 says:

One day the group of prophets came to Elisha and told him, “As you can see, this place where we meet with you is too small…”

You don’t need to be a prophet to see that Life Church’s Saginaw Campus is growing very, very fast! Every Sunday at 10:30am, we are out of parking, out of space for kids, and out of seats in worship. This is a GREAT problem to have!

We have a BOLD solution: we want to invest in our new Midland Campus to create more space for more people far from God. We also will be adding a Saturday night worship experience in Saginaw this January.

Bringing Brian Massey on staff this January is part of our BOLD solution. We also need to invest in more ministry equipment that will impact more lives for the gospel.

THIS SUNDAY we are boldy receiving our Year-End Christmas Offering. We all want to give above and beyond this Sunday at Life Church. By giving ABOVE what we normally give, we can all go BEYOND where our church normally goes!

This Sunday’s Bold Year-End Christmas Offering will help us bring Brian Massey on staff and enable us to grow from three to five identical worship experiences this January. In short, we want to reach the lost at any cost!

Friends, let’s be praying. I am begging God to do something BOLD and powerful through us this Sunday.

Together, I believe that the best is yet to come!