Go Further, Faster

Here’s what I’ve discovered as we enter 2018:

Comedy clubs are packed and Netflix stand-up specials are being pumped out at the rate of one per week.

Millennials are hungry for their imaginations to be captured and for shared group experiences.


Yet church pews are sadly empty.

We have the most spiritually-open generation disinterested in the local church.

It doesn’t have to be this way.  It’s time for a Holy Shift.



I started a church from scratch 4 years ago: no people, no money, no place to meet.

I believe that people far from God matter to God.

The mission of every local church is to reach the lost at ANY cost!



Four years later our young church start-up is serving 900+ across two campuses.

One thing I’ve learned:
You cannot plan a move of God but you can prepare for one!

In 2018, I want to personally help you lead your church forward and reach people faster.


Church leaders and comedians:

  • think on their feet
  • quickly create new material from scratch
  • and work hard to grab a crowd’s imagination.


This year, you’re invited to discover comedy skills that will help you quickly reach people far from God and amplify your leadership potential.

These are the same principles I’ve used in launching Life Church Michigan and seeing a tidal wave of life-change in four short years.


If you want to grow, you can either go to a conference or receive personalized coaching.


I stopped going to Christian conferences years ago because the teaching was either too generalized or simply recycled ‘greatest hits’ from a celebrity pastor.


I also got tired of the swagger; numbers are good for celebrating what God is doing, but they should never be leveraged for ego and ‘star power.’


Personalized coaching is a greater value because everything I unpack with you over the next 12 months is time-tested and will apply to your specific church. 


Last night I opened up 12 coaching spots for 2018.  As of right now only 10 spots are remaining.


Join me for 12 months of High Impact Online Coaching, perfect for Lead Pastors, Church Planters & Next Generation Leaders:

  • 12 Months of Personal Online Coaching in a Cohort*
  • First Month Free
  • Double Your Church Size in 12 Months
  • 6 Months of Ready-to-Go Message Branding (digital videos + graphics)
  • Perfect for Lead Pastors, Church Planters & Next Generation Leaders
  • PLUS exclusive bonus video content for your team from Perry Noble and bonus audio content from SNL’s Jim Breuer!
  • Limited to 12 Participants


Let’s do this.  Make this year your best year ever.

Let’s reach more people far from God and make a difference in 2018.

Reserve your spot at HolyShiftLeadership.com