A Pastor’s Response to the Sutherland Springs Church Shooting

I’ve been in full-time ministry since 2000.  I’m a pastor.  I love my church.  My wife and I have poured everything into starting our church from scratch.  What we witnessed playing out on cable news coverage Sunday afternoon left us horrified.  The Sutherland Springs church shooting shook Amber and I so deeply for two reasons: […]

It’s A Boy!

#WeAreTeamHerron Grows to Six

In January, we received a notice at Life Church Michigan in the mail: Michigan is experiencing a shortage in the number of available families to adopt.  A week later, the same notice appeared in our home mailbox.  Being a family passionate about James 1:27, we prayed. And we took action: we began the infant adoption […]

We’re Adopting a Baby!

Here's How You Can Help Us Be Matched with a Birth Mother

I am passionate about adoption: there are 143 MILLION ORPHANS world-wide right now.  If every self-professing Christian household in North America adopted one orphan right now, there would be no more orphans on Planet Earth! I cannot change everyone’s minds, but I can make up my own mind and do something: Team Herron is passionate […]

Baby Coming Soon!

(Here's How You Can Help Make Our Adoption A Reality)

We are adopting a baby in 2017. I know, crazy, right? Our life-long heart and passion toward caring for orphans grew our Fab Five Family to include Josiah, Ainsleigh, and Seth. The Christian adoption agency that brought Ainsleigh and Seth into our lives recently alerted us that they are in a unique situation of having […]

It’s a Boy!

I am writing this close to midnight on Wednesday, December 10th at the waning end of an adrenaline surge. Exactly two weeks ago today we received a phone call from Adoption Associates that we had been chosen by a birthmother. Exactly one week ago we met the birthmother as God began uniquely and tenderly weaving […]

Why National Adoption Awareness Month is so personal

In short, I couldn’t imagine life without my two kiddo’s. I love being their Daddy. Both of my children are adopted and they are awesome. Adoption is a beautiful, messy, crazy adventure. Sometimes Many times when we’re out shopping, well-meaning strangers say dumb things to us.   Here’s a Public Service Announcement from Adoptive Families […]

The Apology That Grabbed My Attention

This is how you apologize and its not about politics.  Earlier this week, Melissa Harris-Perry aired a segment on her MSNBC program that zeroed in on Mitt Romney’s newly-adopted African-American grandchild, devolving into disgusting racial jokes that singled out this innocent child and openly ridiculed transracial adoption (my own family has been touched by transracial adoption). […]

Orphan Sunday & Adoption

Today is Orphan Sunday – a nationwide church campaign highlighting the need for more Christian parents to consider fostering and adoption.  My grandfather was an orphan and  our family has been touched by adoption.  Orphan Sunday is personal for me. You can Google the stats yourself, but suffice it to say there are many, many children […]


This is my darling Ainsleigh.  One year ago she turned our lives upside-down. I'm often asked, "What country did you adopt her from?" I always pause for a moment before responding. With a mischievous smile I will casually reply, "Detroit!" Ainsleigh was born on a Sunday.  We received the phone call on a Wednesday.   […]