Photo Essay: Baptisms, Star Wars, and New Staff

I am a grace addict.  My heart beats faster and my spirit soars every time someone at Life Church discovers new life in Christ!  We really will do anything short of sin to reach more people far from God. It was a privilege and honor being part of baptisms this past weekend.  Every story was […]

I am a pastor diagnosed with Depression and ADHD… and it’s a gift to me

I’ve always dealt with mood swings throughout my life.  Some days my brain would be running a million miles a minute, flooded with thoughts and ideas.  Other days I felt like hiding under a thick blanket and binge-watching Netflix, unable to face the world.  I thought what I was experiencing was normal.  It wasn’t. About […]


I’m a big believer in leveraging all media by all means to reach all people for the gospel. There’s just one thing that drives me crazy… Cheesy Christian Media. Let’s be honest: if Christians excel in one area of media, it’s the cheese. We try to clumsily lump theological doctrine into 30 second church ads […]

How to Quickly Reach People Far From God

Making a Holy Shift in Church Leadership

I’m not concerned about being criticized for taking risks to reach people far from God.  I’m concerned about not being criticized. Recently I was invited to teach a breakout session at a conference in Chicago based on my book, Holy Shift.  The topic was so popular among church leaders that we ran out of seats! […]

Always Choose the High Road (There’s Less Traffic)

I was reading a blog by Gordon Hayward, the Boston Celtic who suffered a horrific ankle injury in the opening minutes of his NBA Opener against the Cleveland Cavaliers. As he shared his thoughts and feelings in the days after the injury and surgery, this quote leaped out at me: And then there was the […]

I Boldly Prayed for THIS and was Blown Away By A Bigger Surprise

The church I have the privilege of leading and loving is growing fast.  Exactly three years ago this week, we saw 64 people on a Sunday morning.  Jump ahead to this past Sunday and our crowd is up by 863%!  This is our “new normal” — God is moving incredibly and our team is just […]

The Death of the American Church

Baltimore Sun article on fast-growing trend, rise of 'Nones'

Today’s news article in the Baltimore Sun is must read material for all pastors and church leaders!  The rapid decline of church attendance in North America is well-known by Gen Xers and Millennials, but largely ignored by older (declining) churches.  Our generation is witnessing the Cultural Death of the American Church as we have known […]

How to Create a Winning Leadership Culture

You can Create a Winning Culture either by Default or Design

Leaders set the bar and guard the bar.  Everything rises or falls on leaders.  Walt Disney once said that the leader can create a culture by DESIGN or DEFAULT.  Design is intentional and has to be constantly fought for (i.e. the culture of Disney World attracts people).  If your culture is not being taught, modeled […]