Church Leadership Hacks: Don’t Be The Hero

In today’s BuzzFeed-driven media landscape, there’s a pressure to perform: get more social media likes and followers, appear to be at the top of your game, be awesome!  We chase the shiny objects yet our generation truly craves authenticity.  That’s why one of the best things you can do for your church is to not […]

Free Leadership Event with Perry Noble at Life Church

I love our region’s church leaders — we are all on the same team! This week I caught up with my buddy, Peace Lutheran’s Matthew Hauser, who is a fantastic pastor in our area. Later that same day I met up with some church leaders from Hopevale Church who were hanging out at Life Church. When […]

If Your Church is Drifting and Stuck, Should You Try to Change From Within?

How frustrated support staff should navigate in a visionless church

What do you do if you’re a frustrated support staff member of a visionless church?  Do you try to change things from within?  I was asked this very question recently and here is how I answered: Hi Jonathan, I was at the Youth Workers Retreat that you spoke at last weekend, and I had a […]

Announcing My New Book

Holy Shift releases nationwide this October

Comedy clubs are thriving while pews are sadly empty.  Although young adults are more spiritually-attuned than past generations, Millennials will rarely darken a church door. It doesn’t have to be this way.  Today’s church leaders need a Holy Shift. I am excited to announce that my new book will be releasing nationwide October 4th! Revealing the […]

That Time Hillsong’s Brian Houston Punched Me In The Face

A couple weeks ago, Brian Houston, senior pastor of Hillsong Church, punched me in the nose: …and then Brian Houston was like, “Oh, so you’re a cheeky fellow, are you? Well allow me to extend to you the right-hand of fellowship!” KA-POW!! This is not photoshopped… but in all fairness he didn’t really connect with my […]

Six Words That Will Transform Your Leadership Team

No Ego, No Gossip, No Surprises will bring Unity to Your Team

When our three-year-old church start-up broke through the 600 Barrier a few weeks ago, I had to sit down and restructure our Directional Leadership Team. What got us to here will not get us to there. After making key adjustments that will enable us to reach more people far from God, I sat down with […]

Live Radio Interview: Religion in America, Why Millennials Are Leaving Denominations, and How Life Church is Reaching People Far From God

Video from when Dan Thorp and I spent an hour with a local radio legend

We were honored and thankful for the rare invitation from local radio legend Art Lewis to spend an hour on live radio today sharing about what God is doing in and through Life Church! While Art does not share our faith background, he was incredibly gracious to ask honest questions about church planting (starting new churches […]