It’s A Boy!

#WeAreTeamHerron Grows to Six

In January, we received a notice at Life Church Michigan in the mail: Michigan is experiencing a shortage in the number of available families to adopt.  A week later, the same notice appeared in our home mailbox.  Being a family passionate about James 1:27, we prayed. And we took action: we began the infant adoption […]

We’re Adopting a Baby!

Here's How You Can Help Us Be Matched with a Birth Mother

I am passionate about adoption: there are 143 MILLION ORPHANS world-wide right now.  If every self-professing Christian household in North America adopted one orphan right now, there would be no more orphans on Planet Earth! I cannot change everyone’s minds, but I can make up my own mind and do something: Team Herron is passionate […]

Baby Coming Soon!

(Here's How You Can Help Make Our Adoption A Reality)

We are adopting a baby in 2017. I know, crazy, right? Our life-long heart and passion toward caring for orphans grew our Fab Five Family to include Josiah, Ainsleigh, and Seth. The Christian adoption agency that brought Ainsleigh and Seth into our lives recently alerted us that they are in a unique situation of having […]

My 2015 In Review

Years-in-Review make great Time Capsules.  Much as the Scriptures always urge us to remember, reviewing the past year can serve as a great reminder and testimony of how God has moved in our lives. Previous Years-in-Review on this blog: 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005 2015 was AMAZING for our family and ministry.  It […]

The Day My Grandpa Met with the President

He immigrated to the Free World and met the Leader of the Free World

Every July 4th reminds me of my late grandfather.  Seven years ago, he was personally honored by the President of the United States on the steps of Air Force One. My Grandpa didn’t take his freedom for granted.  He sacrificed a lot to immigrate to the U.S. from India with our family in the 1950’s.  He always, […]

It’s a Boy!

I am writing this close to midnight on Wednesday, December 10th at the waning end of an adrenaline surge. Exactly two weeks ago today we received a phone call from Adoption Associates that we had been chosen by a birthmother. Exactly one week ago we met the birthmother as God began uniquely and tenderly weaving […]

3 Crazy Ideas for a Snow Day

Stuck inside?  Blizzard winds blowing?  Kids going crazy?  Here’s 3 Crazy/Cool Ideas for your Snow Day in order of awesomeness: 3)  PRETEND YOU LIVE ON HOTH AND SEARCH FOR A TON-TON. That is an actual photo of my front yard today.  If you squint, you may see my mailbox amidst the blustery snowflakes showering down […]