Free Leadership Event with Perry Noble at Life Church

I love our region’s church leaders — we are all on the same team! This week I caught up with my buddy, Peace Lutheran’s Matthew Hauser, who is a fantastic pastor in our area. Later that same day I met up with some church leaders from Hopevale Church who were hanging out at Life Church. When […]

Leap of Faith

Sunday Reflex | 06.04.17

I love my church!  Today was an AMAZING Sunday as we rolled out big plans for this Fall and embraced a challenge together as a church family.  Plus we saw DOUBLE the crowd size today from this same time last year! Here’s the video that kicked off our Leap of Faith series today: As we shared […]

Photo Essay: Easter Egg Helicopter Drop 2017 at Life Church

These are my heroes. We call them ‘Lifers.’ They pray. They serve. They give. They love. With no strings attached. What they did Easter weekend at the church I love will be a lasting childhood memory for THOUSANDS. Let that sink in: THOUSANDS.  About six thousand to be exact. And the entire event only takes about […]

Five Things Bob Goff Taught Me When He Came To Our Church

Our entire church community is still buzzing and processing everything we learned and experienced this past Sunday when Bob Goff came to town. Bob was everything you would hope he’d be: funny, genuine, encouraging, authentic, and people-oriented. For what it’s worth, I thought I’d share five things I learned as a leader and communicator by observing […]

Guest Post: Happy Birthday, Life Church Michigan

Today is the day that 4 years ago Life Church Michigan began weekly services! So much has happened since this picture was taken!!! I believe that God’s biggest concern is what changes and grows in us as individual people. I wanted to encourage my amazing husband and our pastor @followjon by mentioning how he’s led […]

One of the Biggest Crowds in Life Church Michigan History

Sunday we became one church in two locations

Sunday was unbelievable at the church I love.  We took a big huge scary step of faith and opened the doors at our new Midland Campus… Our three-year-old church start-up became one church in two locations!  We didn’t know if anyone would show up… but because our Lifers are committed to prayer, serving, and inviting […]