Perry Noble Leadership Event at Life Church Michigan

Exclusive HD Video of Perry Noble Teaching & Live Q&A

My passion in life is to reach the lost at any cost.  I really believe that is the mission of Jesus and the heart of God for our generation.  I’m a Grace Addict: seeing people far from God discover new life in Christ through the local church gets my pulse racing! This is why I […]

Perry Noble is coming to Life Church Michigan

Free seats going fast

Perry Noble will be LIVE at Life Church Saginaw AND Life Church Midland in 2 weeks!  If you’ve never seen Perry live, get ready for a morning of fun, laughs, and powerful truths! You’re invited to join us at one of our 3 identical modern worship experiences on Sun, Sep 24th.  Free seats are going […]

It’s A Boy!

#WeAreTeamHerron Grows to Six

In January, we received a notice at Life Church Michigan in the mail: Michigan is experiencing a shortage in the number of available families to adopt.  A week later, the same notice appeared in our home mailbox.  Being a family passionate about James 1:27, we prayed. And we took action: we began the infant adoption […]

We’re Adopting a Baby!

Here's How You Can Help Us Be Matched with a Birth Mother

I am passionate about adoption: there are 143 MILLION ORPHANS world-wide right now.  If every self-professing Christian household in North America adopted one orphan right now, there would be no more orphans on Planet Earth! I cannot change everyone’s minds, but I can make up my own mind and do something: Team Herron is passionate […]

Comedy clubs are thriving while pews are sadly empty.
Although young adults are more spiritually-attuned than past generations, Millennials will rarely darken a church door.
It doesn’t have to be this way.  Today’s church leaders need a Holy Shift.
Revealing the secrets of popular comedians, Jonathan Herron provides a fresh approach to biblical leadership that will result in quickly reaching people far from God.
Date: October 27, 2017
Time: 09:00-10:15 a.m.
Event: Holy Shift Workshop: How to Quickly Reach People Far from God
Topic: Holy Shift: How to Quickly Reach People Far From God
Sponsor: Converge MidAmerica
Venue: Chapelstreet Church - Keslinger Campus
Location: 3435 Keslinger Road
Geneva, IL 60134
Public: Public
Registration: Click here to register.

How to Create a Winning Leadership Culture

You can Create a Winning Culture either by Default or Design

Leaders set the bar and guard the bar.  Everything rises or falls on leaders.  Walt Disney once said that the leader can create a culture by DESIGN or DEFAULT.  Design is intentional and has to be constantly fought for (i.e. the culture of Disney World attracts people).  If your culture is not being taught, modeled […]

My Response to Charlottesville

This is a photo of my daughter and me.  What happened in #Charlottesville is wicked and evil.  Racism and hate have no place in the hearts of God’s people. Listen up. Someone with the Twitter handle @JuliusGoat just dropped one of the best Twitter threads in history, about the white supremacist/Nazi march in Charlottesville. I’ve compiled all […]

Church Leadership Hacks: Don’t Be The Hero

In today’s BuzzFeed-driven media landscape, there’s a pressure to perform: get more social media likes and followers, appear to be at the top of your game, be awesome!  We chase the shiny objects yet our generation truly craves authenticity.  That’s why one of the best things you can do for your church is to not […]